Blind Safety

Every Blind that we install is compliant with the British Standard/European Child Safety Directive EN13120. But what does that mean with your blinds?

Roller blinds and Vision Blinds – The chain that controls the blinds has 2 Break away connectors which means if the chain becomes tangled up, then the pressure will split the chain.

Venetian blinds and Wooden Blinds – The cords that lift the blind up and down are held in a barrel, which means if any pressure is put onto the barrel then it will break away leaving the cords to hang freely.

A cleat will also be installed so when the blind is fully up, the cords can be wrapped around the cleat to stop any temptation.

Roman Blinds – The chain that controls the blind has a break away built into the track. So if any pressure is put onto the chain, then it will come away from the blind

Vertical Blinds – The chain and the cord that controls the blind is held into place with a Clip that is drilled into the wall. Which means the cords can not become free hanging. We can also offer a wand operation to control the blinds which means no cords are needed.

Our Approach

A lot of companies go for the hard sell approach when they are dealing with customers and try to close the sale then and there. We have found that this makes the customer feel intimidated, which is not the way we plan to do business.

Jennys Blinds like to create a relationship with the customer, making them feel at ease so they can enjoy selecting beautiful window blinds for their home or business. Our approach is detailed below:


1. Contact

Once the customer has contacted us we arrange a date and time to suit them (Monday – Saturday 9am - 7pm)

2. Consultation

During the appointment, we go through the different types of blinds and offer advice for that particular window, and let them choose a pattern and fabric that compliments the surroundings of the living space.

3. Quote

We calculate the quote with the customer and leave it with you with no obligation.

4. Production

Once we get the go ahead, we make the blinds ready for fitting - which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

5. Book install date

When ready, we contact the customer to arrange a date and time to install the window blinds.

6. Installation

When installing the blinds, we always clean up afterwards and we make sure that the customer is happy with the finished job.