Which Blind Should I Choose?

Jennys Blinds are here to help you

Over the years, there has been a lot of new products introduced and can be quite confusing on which blind you would like or need for certain types of rooms in your house. Hopefully some of these scenarios will give you some ideas.

I need a blind for the bathroom for privacy?
In general, a simple water-resistant roller blind or a venetian blind would be a good option. A roller blind if you want something simple and tucked up out of the way, or a venetian blind if you just want to still let some light in but also have the privacy.

I need a blind for the bedroom?
There’s a few different options for this type of window:

  • For a child’s bedroom to have complete darkness then I would recommend a Bloc out blind as the cassette stops light seepage
  • For a master or Spare room then a standard blackout roller blind would be sufficient enough, a Roman blind to dress the window, or a wooden blind to just give privacy
  • From experience, the master bedroom tends to be at the front of the house, so what ever you have in the living room you normally want it matching in the bedroom.

I need a blind for the Living Room?
Again there’s a few different options like the bedrooms in which you can have.

  • A roman blind to soften the look of the window
  • A wooden blind to give privacy but to let the light in
  • Shutters are also a great option as they let light in but give the room a modern feel

I need a blind for bi-folding doors?
The best option for bi-folding doors are motorised roller blinds. They are tucked up out of the way in the daytime to let light in, or when the doors are open. But they also provide the privacy in the evening when they are shut. We normally motorise the blinds due to there are a number of blinds in the one window, ie 3-5 blinds, so this avoids chains hanging down when the doors are open.

    I need blinds for my conservatory?
    There are a few options for conservatories:

    • Perfect fit – great for neatness and the modern look. No drilling involved so doesn’t void the warranty on the windows
    • Vertical Blinds – Great for light control as can angle the blinds in different positions depending on where the sun is
    • Roller Blinds – Great for a simple solution
    • Pleated Blinds – Simple solution with a modern look

    Whatever the window, we can advise and give you honest advice. Whether it is a simple phone call to discuss or go through the options at your house. We are only a phone call away.